Launching of the Rice ATM Program in Batam, Cilegon and Praya

PRESS RELEASE, Jakarta– Thursday, September 10, 2020, an Online Rice ATM Launching event was held simultaneously in 3 regions, namely Cilegon, Batam and Praya Lombok Tengah. ATM Rice is a synergy program between Mandiri Syariah and Laznas BSM Umat which aims to provide basic necessities assistance to poor residents.

Beneficiaries will be recorded and given an access card for pickup at the Rice ATM. With a total of 450 mustahik beneficiaries with 150 beneficiaries in each area. Each time the beneficiary is taken of rice, he will receive 5 liters.

ATM Rice is a product synergy between Mandiri Syariah, Laznas BSM Umat and mosque partnerships. The mosque as one of the centers of Muslim life is expected to be a solution for the people around it.

The launch of the rice ATM was attended by RCEO Region I Mr. Wisnu Sunandar, Executive Director of Laznas BSM Umat Mr. Rizqi Okto Priansyah, Head of Mandiri Syariah Area, Representatives of beneficiaries from Batam Mr. Head of Sei Bedug Sub-District Mr. Gufron, Praya Lombok Tengah Mr. H. Dim Ma’arif, The Central Lombok Ministry of Religion, representatives from Cilegon, Head of the Cilegon Bazis, Mr. HM Setiawan, and representatives from congregations at the mosque where the Rice ATM is located.

The beneficiaries welcomed the existence of ATM Beras Mandiri Syariah and hoped that it would continue.

“Thank you for your trust in becoming a Rice ATM point. Hopefully the Rice ATM can be useful and alleviate the burdens of the struggling community. ” Head of Sei Bedug Batam Sub-District, Mr. Gufron.

“Alhamdulillah, Lombok is gaining the trust to be one of the locations for rice ATM beneficiaries. Hopefully everything will run smoothly and be of benefit to those in need.” Chairman of Central Lombok Baznas Mr. H. Dim Ma’arif

“We are very proud of the realization of the Rice ATM, hopefully it will become a forerunner and a tremendous breakthrough in doing good deeds to get the pleasure of Allah SWT. With the card taped, the mustahik can remove rice from the ATM. We feel cared for and we pray that BSM will progress and get the blessing of Allah ta’ala. ” Head of Bazis Cilegon, H. M Setiawan.

Representatives of the beneficiaries from Cilegon, “We, the board of the Al Ashr Cilegon mosque, would like to thank you for giving and distributing ATM Rice. Hopefully it can be more useful with the increasingly harsh conditions today, hopefully this will ease the burden of daily life”.

Meanwhile, the Executive Director of Laznas BSM Umat, Mr. Rizqi Okto Priansyah, expressed in his speech that he hoped this program could be useful and provide wider benefits to the community.

“Hopefully this Rice ATM Program can provide wider benefits to the community, especially in the midst of an unfavorable economic situation due to the Covid-19 pandemic.” said Rizqi.

Waqf for the Construction of the Cipularang Toll Mosque KM 88A

BSM Umat – As a form of dedication, Mandiri Syariah together with Laznas BSM Umat will build a Mandiri Syariah Mosque on the Cipularang KM 88A toll road. This mosque was built from waqf funds from the community and Mandiri Syariah. This development is seen as quite important because mosques are the center of Muslim activities, including toll road users. The Cipularang toll road is an alternative that is very attractive to residents of Jakarta and its surroundings to / from the city of Bandung and its surroundings. Evidenced by the increase in traffic traffic when the weekend or holiday arrives.

In addition, a place of worship and at the same time relieving fatigue is very much needed by drivers so that they can continue to be vigilant while driving. As a fairly popular toll road, the existence of a mosque is very much needed. Currently, the field conditions only have a temporary prayer room which is less comfortable and disturbs the devotion in worship. Mandiri Syariah together with Laznas BSM Umat will build 1000M2 with an environmentally friendly sanitary concept, of course it will make the mosque bring more blessings to the surrounding environment.
Some photos of the construction process of Cipularang Mosque Km 88A.

As a token of appreciation for wakif with a certain nominal name, it will be listed on the “Wall of Fame” as an inscription. The required fund for the construction of the Cipularang KM 88 Toll Mosque is IDR 4.5 million / m2. Hopefully the construction of the Cipularang km 88 mosque can be realized soon, and make the Cipularang Mosque full of worship all the time or “One Stop Praying”.

For those who take part in the Cipularang Km 88 mosque waqf, it can be channeled through Jadiberkah.id and Mandiri Syariah Mobile.

Hunting for merit, help Nanggroe Aceh have its own cargo plane through cash waqf

BSM Umat – Aceh is very rich in enchanting natural resources. Various agricultural, fishery and marine products can be produced and have the potential to advance Aceh’s economy. Based on this potential, Mandiri Syariah together with Laznas BSM Umat intend to develop the economy of the Acehnese people which has been latent. Abundant natural resources have been the attraction of Aceh from the past to the present.

However, it is very unfortunate that products originating from Aceh’s abundant resources with export value are hampered from being sold abroad even though the demand is very high. This is due to technical problems such as; Exports from Aceh are very high cost, transportation costs are positively correlated with logistics costs and all high value commodity products must go through other links in Indonesia.

Therefore Aceh needs its own cargo plane so that goods and commodities produced from natural resources can be exported easily and efficiently. This should be of concern to many parties, because Aceh is one of the special regions in Indonesia with the application of Islamic law in everyday life. Waqf is a solution to solve these problems, because the state cannot do it alone, but it requires cooperation from the local community to achieve mutual prosperity.

The Sukuk Wakaf program is an alternative solution guaranteed by the state to rebuild Aceh. Providing Aceh with its own “Cargo Plane” to export its abundant natural resources.

Waqf Sukuk Is an investment of cash waqf funds through State Sukuk issued by the Indonesian Ministry of Finance for the empowerment of the people’s economy.

The benefits of waqf sukuk are; Safe and risk-free (guaranteed by the state), the principal waqf funds will return at maturity, get a discount and get coupons / rewards (every month) to finance productive waqf through nadzir.

The procedures for participating in the Aceh Cash Waqf Link Sukuk (CWLS) program are:
1. Wakif can fulfill through www.jadiberkah.id, or
2. Wakif paid through Mandiri Syariah Mobile
3. Cash waqf received by Nadzhir, receiving returns and distribution to social projects
4. KEMENKEU RI, issues SBSN, provides yield and disbursement of funds

Do not pass up the valuable opportunity to build Aceh to be better and more blessed.

PRESS Release: Launching of the 2020 BMB Program, Delivering Blessings

PRESS Release

BMB 2020 Program Launch, Delivering Blessings

Jakarta, 9 October 2020

Mandiri Syariah together with Laznas BSM Umat carried out the online BSM Lauching Program for 2020 Blessings. The program which was initiated by Mandiri Syariah as a form of concern for BSM people to the problems of the community. It is planned that the program will be implemented and in collaboration with mosques in each branch that have been selected.

The target of the BMB program is the community belonging to the 8 zakat recipient asnaf (mustahik) around the mosque. Beneficiaries are informal workers who have below normal income, including jobs that have lost their jobs or have their income disturbed due to COVID-19 and orphans of the poor.

The 2020 BSM Lauching Program Streams Blessings (BMB) was also attended by the Director of Distribution & Sales of PT Bank Syariah Mandiri Mr. Anton Sukarna and his staff, Executive Director of Laznas BSM Umat Mr. Rizqi Okto Priansyah and his staff and person in charge of BMB throughout Indonesia.

The activities in the BSM Program Deliver Blessings include the distribution of basic necessities, scholarships to underprivileged students, medical and sanitation equipment assistance (hand sanitizers, masks, soap) and business capital assistance for ultra-micro business actors who feel around the mosque. The beneficiaries are mosques recommended by the appointed branch of Bank Syariah Mandiri, then a verification process is carried out by the Laznas BSM Umat team to channel funds so that they are right on target.

Hopefully the BSM Program Mengalurkan Blessings be a solution and have multiple blessings for all stakeholders involved in it. So that the problems of the ummah can be resolved by not only giving but by actively participating in making mosques a Muslim civilization as exemplified by the Prophet Muhammad.

ISDP UNAND Online Inauguration

Didik Umat – Education – BSM Umat – Jakarta, 23 September 2020 Laznas BSM Umat together with Bank Mandiri syariah held ISDP UNAND Online Inauguration activities. This activity was a continuation of the selection that was held on August 10-28 2020. The inauguration was the inauguration of 22 ISDP UNAND scholarship / Awardees who had passed the selection process from a total of 68 student participants. As a form of social concern for the community, even in the midst of pandemic conditions, the ISDP UNAND Inauguration Awardee was still held. Online operations do not detract from the true meaning of the Inauguration. It was seen from the enthusiastic and enthusiastic participants who participated in the event from beginning to end. UNAND’s ISDP online inauguration was attended by: UNAND University Chancellor Prof. Dr. Yuliandri, S.H., M.H., along with his staff, Director of Distribution & Sales of PT Bank Syariah Mandiri Mr. Anton Sukarna and his staff and Director of Laznas BSM Umat Program Mr. Fauzi Indrianto. In his speech, Mr. Anton said, Padang is the land of entrepreneurs so that it is hoped that a strong entrepreneur embryo will be born in the future. Hopefully UNAND’s ISDP will grow pious and rich entrepreneurs. Hopefully BSM will become part of producing pious and rich entrepreneurs. So that one day this country will become a country that is blessed by Allah SWT. With the signing of the ISDP Awardee Akad, Andalas University has officially become the guidance of Laznas BSM Umat and Mandiri Syariah. During this Inauguration, 2 ISDP UNAND Awarde representatives delivered business presentations. Hopefully there will be many young entrepreneurs who are blessed and provide benefit to the people.

Mobile Warteg Program, Sharing Blessing Rice

BSM Umat – The Covid-19 pandemic has an impact on the economy. One of them has resulted in an increase in prices for basic necessities and a decrease in the purchasing power of people in the real sector and MSMEs. These factors cause many people to lose their jobs.

The middle to lower class people are among those who really feel the impact by experiencing a decrease in income which causes part of their basic needs (food) not to be fulfilled. As an effort to reduce the burden on society in fulfilling food needs, BSM Umat facilitates through a ready-to-eat food assistance program in the form of mobile warteg.

The Nasi Berkah alms program through mobile warteg is one of the activities to utilize ZIS BSM Umat funds which will sell cheap ready-to-eat food with the Food Truck concept.

The objectives of this program are:
1. Utilization of products of BSM Umat fostered partners

2. Distribution of alms / donations is faster and on target,

3. Empowerment of housewives around the provision of culinary / UMKM which is served in mobile warteg

The distribution locations for mobile warteg are poor areas, mustache settlements (slum, poor) and areas affected by disasters. The target beneficiaries are 300 people once a surgery with implementation 2 times a week. This type of aid is nutritious ready-to-eat food.

The donomination value of the mobile warteg alms rice blessing:

Blessing Rice Package

1. 10,000

2. 50,000

3. 150,000

4. 250,000

5. 500,000

6. 1,000,000


Warteg Mobile Package

1. 150,000

2. 200,000

3. 500,000

4. 1,000,000

5. 2,000,000

6. 5,000,000



The food security program is one of the BSM Umat recommendation programs as a Food Security solution during the pandemic for the poor.

Response Concern about SJ-182 plane crash

BSM Umat – The accident of the SJ-182 plane crash in early 2021 to be exact last Saturday (9/1/2021) has shocked many parties. The volunteers are currently still searching for victims.

BSM Umat as a social institution is very concerned about this disaster. On Monday, January 11, 2021, through the BSM Umat Care team, 1 unit of Mobile Mushola, 1 unit of Mobile Warteg, distribution of handsanitizers, masks, and last but not least are cellphone charge services and hot drinks in a tent located JICT (Jakarta International. container terminal) 2, Tanjung Priok port.

Conditions that are far from the place of prayer make the mosque car very much needed. By keeping it clean and also maintaining health protocols so that volunteers who pray are not exposed to the corona virus.

Not only that, food aid was also provided through the Mobile Warteg as many as 250 boxes for 7 days.

BSM Umat Care also deployed 11 volunteers in response to caring about this plane disaster. Hopefully the deployed team can maximize the implementation of field assignments from Basarnas.

Mr. Rizqi Okto Priansyah as the Executive Director of BSM Umat said, “Thank you to Mandiri Syariah Customers and BSM Umat Donors who have actively contributed in handling the SJ-182 plane crash”.

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