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Warteg Mobile Distribution Report

Laznas BSMU created the Warteg Mobile program as a solution to food security during a pandemic. From January to February 2021, funds amounting to IDR 427,687,917 have been collected. Of these funds are distributed for 3 months with a total of 18,800 packages spread across the Jabodetabek area.

The details are as follows:

January 10,000 packages

February 7,800 packages

March 1,000 packages

Warteg Mobile has the concept of distributing ready-to-eat food directly to beneficiaries in mustache areas (slum and poor) as well as people affected by covid-19 and disasters. Programs that involve MSME women in its provision are expected to be a solution for the survival of the community.

To participate in this program, you can also go to http://bit.ly/NasiBerkahWartegMobile

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