Laz BSMU fostered students Held an SBMPTN Try Out

Laznas BSM Umat – Ahead of the admission of new students at State Universities (PTN), many various institutions have held a State Higher Education Entrance Joint Selection Try Out (SBMPTN), as a forum to help students who have just graduated from high school, to be able to enter PTN.

This phenomenon has also spread to students who have graduated from Laznas BSM Umat, by holding an SBMPTN Try Out, at the Jakarta State University (UNJ), Rawamangun, East Jakarta, Sunday, May 7 2017.

Approximately 91 participants from Jabodetabek participated in the SBMPTN Try Out, with a registration fee of IDR 20 thousand per student. Chairman of the SBMPTN Tryout Committee Nur Muhammad said this activity was divided into three sessions.

In the first hour, it is filled with the Basic Competency Test (TKD) of Science and Technology which contains subjects on Physics, Mathematics, Biology, and Chemistry. “Meanwhile, the second hour was filled with TKD Soshum from economics, sociology, geography, and history subjects,” said Nur Muhammad.


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