Waqf for the Construction of the Cipularang Toll Mosque KM 88A

BSM Umat – As a form of dedication, Mandiri Syariah together with Laznas BSM Umat will build a Mandiri Syariah Mosque on the Cipularang KM 88A toll road. This mosque was built from waqf funds from the community and Mandiri Syariah. This development is seen as quite important because mosques are the center of Muslim activities, including toll road users. The Cipularang toll road is an alternative that is very attractive to residents of Jakarta and its surroundings to / from the city of Bandung and its surroundings. Evidenced by the increase in traffic traffic when the weekend or holiday arrives.

In addition, a place of worship and at the same time relieving fatigue is very much needed by drivers so that they can continue to be vigilant while driving. As a fairly popular toll road, the existence of a mosque is very much needed. Currently, the field conditions only have a temporary prayer room which is less comfortable and disturbs the devotion in worship. Mandiri Syariah together with Laznas BSM Umat will build 1000M2 with an environmentally friendly sanitary concept, of course it will make the mosque bring more blessings to the surrounding environment.
Some photos of the construction process of Cipularang Mosque Km 88A.

As a token of appreciation for wakif with a certain nominal name, it will be listed on the “Wall of Fame” as an inscription. The required fund for the construction of the Cipularang KM 88 Toll Mosque is IDR 4.5 million / m2. Hopefully the construction of the Cipularang km 88 mosque can be realized soon, and make the Cipularang Mosque full of worship all the time or “One Stop Praying”.

For those who take part in the Cipularang Km 88 mosque waqf, it can be channeled through Jadiberkah.id and Mandiri Syariah Mobile.


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