Launching of the Rice ATM Program in Batam, Cilegon and Praya

PRESS RELEASE, Jakarta– Thursday, September 10, 2020, an Online Rice ATM Launching event was held simultaneously in 3 regions, namely Cilegon, Batam and Praya Lombok Tengah. ATM Rice is a synergy program between Mandiri Syariah and Laznas BSM Umat which aims to provide basic necessities assistance to poor residents.

Beneficiaries will be recorded and given an access card for pickup at the Rice ATM. With a total of 450 mustahik beneficiaries with 150 beneficiaries in each area. Each time the beneficiary is taken of rice, he will receive 5 liters.

ATM Rice is a product synergy between Mandiri Syariah, Laznas BSM Umat and mosque partnerships. The mosque as one of the centers of Muslim life is expected to be a solution for the people around it.

The launch of the rice ATM was attended by RCEO Region I Mr. Wisnu Sunandar, Executive Director of Laznas BSM Umat Mr. Rizqi Okto Priansyah, Head of Mandiri Syariah Area, Representatives of beneficiaries from Batam Mr. Head of Sei Bedug Sub-District Mr. Gufron, Praya Lombok Tengah Mr. H. Dim Ma’arif, The Central Lombok Ministry of Religion, representatives from Cilegon, Head of the Cilegon Bazis, Mr. HM Setiawan, and representatives from congregations at the mosque where the Rice ATM is located.

The beneficiaries welcomed the existence of ATM Beras Mandiri Syariah and hoped that it would continue.

“Thank you for your trust in becoming a Rice ATM point. Hopefully the Rice ATM can be useful and alleviate the burdens of the struggling community. ” Head of Sei Bedug Batam Sub-District, Mr. Gufron.

“Alhamdulillah, Lombok is gaining the trust to be one of the locations for rice ATM beneficiaries. Hopefully everything will run smoothly and be of benefit to those in need.” Chairman of Central Lombok Baznas Mr. H. Dim Ma’arif

“We are very proud of the realization of the Rice ATM, hopefully it will become a forerunner and a tremendous breakthrough in doing good deeds to get the pleasure of Allah SWT. With the card taped, the mustahik can remove rice from the ATM. We feel cared for and we pray that BSM will progress and get the blessing of Allah ta’ala. ” Head of Bazis Cilegon, H. M Setiawan.

Representatives of the beneficiaries from Cilegon, “We, the board of the Al Ashr Cilegon mosque, would like to thank you for giving and distributing ATM Rice. Hopefully it can be more useful with the increasingly harsh conditions today, hopefully this will ease the burden of daily life”.

Meanwhile, the Executive Director of Laznas BSM Umat, Mr. Rizqi Okto Priansyah, expressed in his speech that he hoped this program could be useful and provide wider benefits to the community.

“Hopefully this Rice ATM Program can provide wider benefits to the community, especially in the midst of an unfavorable economic situation due to the Covid-19 pandemic.” said Rizqi.


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