ISDP UNAND Online Inauguration

Didik Umat – Education – BSM Umat – Jakarta, 23 September 2020 Laznas BSM Umat together with Bank Mandiri syariah held ISDP UNAND Online Inauguration activities. This activity was a continuation of the selection that was held on August 10-28 2020. The inauguration was the inauguration of 22 ISDP UNAND scholarship / Awardees who had passed the selection process from a total of 68 student participants. As a form of social concern for the community, even in the midst of pandemic conditions, the ISDP UNAND Inauguration Awardee was still held. Online operations do not detract from the true meaning of the Inauguration. It was seen from the enthusiastic and enthusiastic participants who participated in the event from beginning to end. UNAND’s ISDP online inauguration was attended by: UNAND University Chancellor Prof. Dr. Yuliandri, S.H., M.H., along with his staff, Director of Distribution & Sales of PT Bank Syariah Mandiri Mr. Anton Sukarna and his staff and Director of Laznas BSM Umat Program Mr. Fauzi Indrianto. In his speech, Mr. Anton said, Padang is the land of entrepreneurs so that it is hoped that a strong entrepreneur embryo will be born in the future. Hopefully UNAND’s ISDP will grow pious and rich entrepreneurs. Hopefully BSM will become part of producing pious and rich entrepreneurs. So that one day this country will become a country that is blessed by Allah SWT. With the signing of the ISDP Awardee Akad, Andalas University has officially become the guidance of Laznas BSM Umat and Mandiri Syariah. During this Inauguration, 2 ISDP UNAND Awarde representatives delivered business presentations. Hopefully there will be many young entrepreneurs who are blessed and provide benefit to the people.


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