Hunting for merit, help Nanggroe Aceh have its own cargo plane through cash waqf

BSM Umat – Aceh is very rich in enchanting natural resources. Various agricultural, fishery and marine products can be produced and have the potential to advance Aceh’s economy. Based on this potential, Mandiri Syariah together with Laznas BSM Umat intend to develop the economy of the Acehnese people which has been latent. Abundant natural resources have been the attraction of Aceh from the past to the present.

However, it is very unfortunate that products originating from Aceh’s abundant resources with export value are hampered from being sold abroad even though the demand is very high. This is due to technical problems such as; Exports from Aceh are very high cost, transportation costs are positively correlated with logistics costs and all high value commodity products must go through other links in Indonesia.

Therefore Aceh needs its own cargo plane so that goods and commodities produced from natural resources can be exported easily and efficiently. This should be of concern to many parties, because Aceh is one of the special regions in Indonesia with the application of Islamic law in everyday life. Waqf is a solution to solve these problems, because the state cannot do it alone, but it requires cooperation from the local community to achieve mutual prosperity.

The Sukuk Wakaf program is an alternative solution guaranteed by the state to rebuild Aceh. Providing Aceh with its own “Cargo Plane” to export its abundant natural resources.

Waqf Sukuk Is an investment of cash waqf funds through State Sukuk issued by the Indonesian Ministry of Finance for the empowerment of the people’s economy.

The benefits of waqf sukuk are; Safe and risk-free (guaranteed by the state), the principal waqf funds will return at maturity, get a discount and get coupons / rewards (every month) to finance productive waqf through nadzir.

The procedures for participating in the Aceh Cash Waqf Link Sukuk (CWLS) program are:
1. Wakif can fulfill through www.jadiberkah.id, or
2. Wakif paid through Mandiri Syariah Mobile
3. Cash waqf received by Nadzhir, receiving returns and distribution to social projects
4. KEMENKEU RI, issues SBSN, provides yield and disbursement of funds

Do not pass up the valuable opportunity to build Aceh to be better and more blessed.


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