18 Years of BSM Umat, Carving Benefit

Press Release – At the age of getting older, Laznas BSM Umat is getting better to improve itself to provide broad benefit. The motivation to give the best and innovate through superior programs in the fields of economy, education, health and social affairs to spread benefits never goes away. Until now, Laznas BSM Umat continues to provide mashlahat even in the midst of a pandemic.

With the theme “Carving Benefit”, which has a deep meaning for every charity undertaken, the 18th Anniversary of Laznas BSM Umat celebration is not only dedicated to institutions and employees but also to society in general. Cultural transformation and communication are among the main targets so that the process towards the institution’s vision and mission can run as expected.

To be grateful for the 18th year, Laznas BSM Umat held a “BSM Umat Competition” which involved the community through a Video Contest and Inspirational Quotes entitled “Caring for Prosperity in the Middle of a Pandemic” with a total prize of millions of rupiah. It is hoped that with this activity, Laznas BSM Umat will get closer to the community besides that it will also provide creative space to express oneself in the midst of a pandemic.

Laznas BSM Umat would like to thank all stakeholders who have worked together in overcoming the problems of the ummah so that in the future it will be better and realize the mission of “Creating programs that encourage the transformation of beneficiaries into muzakki”. Hopefully the COVID-19 pandemic will make Laznas BSM Umat more Amanah and Istiqomah in caring for benefits.


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