Mobile Warteg Program, Sharing Blessing Rice

BSM Umat – The Covid-19 pandemic has an impact on the economy. One of them has resulted in an increase in prices for basic necessities and a decrease in the purchasing power of people in the real sector and MSMEs. These factors cause many people to lose their jobs.

The middle to lower class people are among those who really feel the impact by experiencing a decrease in income which causes part of their basic needs (food) not to be fulfilled. As an effort to reduce the burden on society in fulfilling food needs, BSM Umat facilitates through a ready-to-eat food assistance program in the form of mobile warteg.

The Nasi Berkah alms program through mobile warteg is one of the activities to utilize ZIS BSM Umat funds which will sell cheap ready-to-eat food with the Food Truck concept.

The objectives of this program are:
1. Utilization of products of BSM Umat fostered partners

2. Distribution of alms / donations is faster and on target,

3. Empowerment of housewives around the provision of culinary / UMKM which is served in mobile warteg

The distribution locations for mobile warteg are poor areas, mustache settlements (slum, poor) and areas affected by disasters. The target beneficiaries are 300 people once a surgery with implementation 2 times a week. This type of aid is nutritious ready-to-eat food.

The donomination value of the mobile warteg alms rice blessing:

Blessing Rice Package

1. 10,000

2. 50,000

3. 150,000

4. 250,000

5. 500,000

6. 1,000,000


Warteg Mobile Package

1. 150,000

2. 200,000

3. 500,000

4. 1,000,000

5. 2,000,000

6. 5,000,000



The food security program is one of the BSM Umat recommendation programs as a Food Security solution during the pandemic for the poor.


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