Sebaran QurbanMazing 2017 hingga Pelosok Daerah

Laznas BSM Umat – Alhamdulillah on Eid al-Adha 1438 Hijriyah / 2017, Bank Syariah Mandiri together with the National Amil Zakat Institution for Bangun Sejahtera Mitra Umat (LAZNAS BSM Umat) have carried out a series of collection, slaughtering, distribution of qurban animals, and handed over to a number of regions in Indonesia.

A total of 325 animals for QurbanMazing 2017, consisting of 75 cows and 250 goats / sheep, were distributed throughout Indonesia. Some of the areas that became the distribution points for qurban animals were Java, Cilacap, Salatiga, Subang, Bekasi, Banten, Bogor, Brebes, Kuningan, Cirebon.

On the island of Papua, sacrificial animals were slaughtered in Jayapura, and several other areas. The distribution of qurban animals is very helpful for the local community, especially for those who rarely taste the delicious taste of meat.

Look forward to the 2018 QurbanMazing, which will soon be held by Laznas BSM Umat. We are waiting for the participation of friends, donors, and generous people, to give their best qurban and sacrifice on the Idul Adha 1439 H. Coming Soon QurbanMazing 2018, Its Blessings Spread.

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